Fantom validator

Validator Address

Annual rewards rate

Upto 13% APY

Payout frequency

Every epoch
(~4 hours)


(fixed by the network)

Validator ID



120.6M FTM

Incentives for Fantom stakers

Referral program

lifetime on your referrals

Lottery giveaways

of fees every epoch

Degressive fees

upto 5%
fees giveback

How to stake Fantom FTM?


Access or create your Fantom wallet at:

Transfer your ERC-20/BEP-2 FTM to the Opera FTM wallet.

In your Opera wallet, select the network you’re sending the tokens from:

  • Fantom Opera for Fantom mainnet

  • Ethereum for ERC-20

  • Binance for BEP-2


Go in the staking section of the wallet and click on Stake.

Input the amount you would like to stake. Select Node.Works - Fantom Global (that’s us!). Confirm with your wallet password.


Have a question about staking Fantom?

  • What is Fantom?

    Fantom is a fast, scalable and secure blockchain ecosystem powered by an innovative consensus algorithm called Lachesis.

    Fantom’s smart contract functionality allows any dApp to run on its permissionless base layer, such as DeFi applications. EVM support makes it easy to port dApps over from Ethereum and a faster Virtual Machine is currently in the works.

  • Lachesis is Fantom’s consensus mechanism. It is an aBFT consensus algorithm that is:

    • Asynchronous: Participants can process commands at different times. The system can reach agreement about the state of the network even when messages are delayed or lost.
    • Leaderless: No participant plays a special role within the network.
    • Byzantine Fault-Tolerant: The system works even when up to a third of the nodes act malicious.
    • Final: Transactions are confirmed in less than 2 seconds. They are finalized instantly and cannot be reversed. No need to wait for a couple block confirmations.
    Compared to other consensus protocols, Lachesis combines high throughput and fast finality with high decentralization. It doesn’t require adding transactions into a block, instead they can be processed immediately and asynchronously, which helps to scale throughput. In contrast to pBFT, message overhead is reduced, keeping transaction finality fast even at a large number of nodes.

  • FTM powers Fantom.

    Its main use case is securing the network via staking. The more FTM is staked, the more assets can be secured on the Fantom blockchain.

    FTM can also be used as collateral for Fantom DeFi applications, for instance to mind fUSD.
    FTM also gives governance rights to token holders to decide on the future of the network.

  • The total supply is 3,175,000,000 FTM.
    The current circulating supply is 2,379,963,131 FTM

  • Yes, FTM is available as an ERC20, BEP2 and native Opera mainnet token.

    However, only the mainnet token can be used for staking. The total supply is fixed at 3,175,000,000 FTM across all token types.

  • You can stake as little as 1 FTM.

    The delegated fee is set to 15% for all validators, however we give back to our delegators through a degressive fee program – the more you stake, the less fees you pay – and through an automatic lottery that runs every epoch, approximately every 4 hours. With these incentives, your net fee is less than 15%.

    As a cautionary note, delegators can have their tokens slashed if the validator misbehaves. Make sure to stake with a node you trust. A transparent, engaged team is a good sign to look for.

  • We are a staking service provider with a focus on community engagement. We build software, tools, and other cool stuff. We offer a degressive fee program and a free lottery to our stakers.

    Degressive Fees

    The more you stake, the less you pay in fees.
    The following structure applies:


    We draw one lucky winner every epoch (~4 hours).
    So far, we distributed 5% of the node’s commission fee to our stakers.

    We will continue building tools to bring value to Fantom, including the long-awaited referral program through which you can earn FTM rewards for referring other stakers.

    These are the Telegram tools you can use right now:
    Staking Bot: Keep track of your FTM addresses and transactions and get staking information directly on Telegram
    Whale alerts: See what the big hodlers are doing
    Join the other 382 delegators who chose us as their Fantom validator node.


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